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The following list of practitioners have been hand-selected and are recommended and endorsed by Loretta Carraro, Founder of Nourished Energy

Each one has been taught directly under her guidance.

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St Kilda, Melbourne

Loretta Carraro

Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher, Crystal Healer, Life Coach, Sound Healer

Creator of love and magic

I created Nourished Energy as a way for me to share my burning desire to empower others to live a life they love and be the best version of themselves they can be. 

Every experience and every encounter is a lesson, happening for you. My guess is you’re here because some of those life experiences haven’t been so rosy. You’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to cover up dealing with it all or the self-care and soul searching you’ve been doing so far just isn’t working…

I get it, because I’ve been there.

After spending my 20s battling disordered eating, depression and anxiety I finally found the right tools and support to get me on a journey of self-love and acceptance. I made a promise to make friends with myself and to prioritise my wellbeing and happiness.

These days I work with people, like you to make the same promise. 

I have a holistic approach to working with clients. I offer Reiki and Crystal Healing as well as 1:1 Life Coaching. The combination of natural therapies with practical coaching tools means we can make real changes that will last beyond our time together.

I’ve always had a fascination for holistic health and living at our optimal level. Formally, I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, Reiki Crystal Master, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Sound Healing Practitioner and Certified Life Coach and Wellness Coach. This all comes into play when I develop results-focused, bespoke programs for my clients.

Before I was in this line of work, I successfully coached leaders and executives through organisational changes (restructures, system changes, etc.). I draw on this extensive experience when working with clients to ensure they are supported through change while they transform their lives.

I teach Reiki courses (Level 1, 2, 3a and Mastership), run regular crystal workshops and wellness events. I am committed to sharing my knowledge to empower and inspire women. As part of my Reiki Mastership, I also offer mentoring to my students to help them break down barriers holding them back from stepping into or expanding their career as a lightworker.

St Kilda, Melbourne

Eve Milford

Reiki Master, Reiki Practitioner, Card Reader, Crystal Healer

Energy Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Card Readings

For most of my life I’ve been told I’m a healer and that I should work with the light. But most of my life I spent living in complete darkness, which I now I know was preparing me for this work.

Originally from the UK, I moved to Australia in 2009 for a better life. I continued using unhealthy methods to attempt to heal from those past experiences and by 2014 my life had hit rock bottom. With high anxiety, low self esteem, I simply did not want to be around anymore. But this is where the light begins and the synchronicities take place.

After 21 years of addiction to suppress me and all feelings associated, I was taken by the hand to take a step into the light and start loving myself by removing those things I was addicted to and to no longer be a victim of my own self-sabotage.

For the first time, I allowed myself to be vulnerable and to feel love and this is what led me on the path to Reiki and crystals. Energy healing has played a pivotal role in my journey of self-healing and now I am honoured to work with others on their journeys too.

I provide a safe, comfortable, healing space using crystals and cards, working in the light of Reiki. I offer suggestions for self-care and support at the end of the session to ensure the healing continues once you leave my care.

I stay tuned up and connected by meditating every day, being of service to others, ensuring I have the attitude of gratitude, practicing and receiving Reiki regularly and I have completed the Reiki Mastership and mentoring program with Nourished Energy, I have a diploma in Crystal Therapy Healing and have worked with cards for a number of years.

No matter how dark your past, you are worthy of living a future in the light.



St Kilda, Melbourne

Stefanie Griffin

Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher and Yoga
Energy Healing, Reiki and Yoga

From a young age, I had a passion and calling for all things spirituality, being drawn to crystals, oracle cards and the power of the Universe. As I grew older, I learnt to keep this passion to myself and would rarely share my love for spirituality with others.

After working in both the not-for-profit and government sectors in front line support roles, in an attempt to follow my dreams of making a difference in peoples life, I quickly burnt out and realised I was not living in alignment with my true self. My burn out manifested into a chronic autoimmune disease leaving me searching for the best self-care methods to support my own wellbeing. This led me on a journey back to my roots and my true passions.

It was during this time, that I leaned in and listened to my intuition, leading me to begin my Reiki training with Nourished Energy. In addition, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training, which further developed my understanding of the subtle body and eastern philosophy. My studies became a journey of self-discovery, that let me tune in to my soul’s true desire to be a healer and share the gift of energy healing with others.

During my sessions, I hold space for you to become your own healer, whilst experiencing the magic of energy healing and yoga. I use my intuitive gifts and crystals to amplify the healing and afterwards offer supportive suggestions for you to continue your self-healing journey and step into the greatest version of you!

I am currently undertaking my Reiki Mastership with Nourished Energy and have my own self-care and spiritual practice. I maintain this practice daily to ensure I am showing up as the best version of myself to fully support your healing journey.


Chiara Alessandrino

Crystal Healer, Yoga Teacher

Crystal Healer, Yoga Teacher

Chiara is the Founder of Bloom Mumma Wellness is a holistic healing space for women specialising in Hatha yoga, pre and post natal yoga, kids yoga and crystal healing.

Bloom Mumma Wellness was birthed after the most magical transformation of becoming a mother. My pregnancy and birth were so blissful and I wanted all mothers to feel this energy so I began Bloom Mumma after a two year period of working on myself holistically – mind, body and spirit. Bloom Mumma Wellness aims to connect not only to the mother but to all women through holistic modalities of healing.

I work with women to create a heart centred connection, holding space for you to grow, flourish and revive.

Bloom Mumma Wellness aims to bring peace and harmony within the body through movement, energy and stillness in a loving, healing space.


Chantelle Salisbury

Reiki Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner

Following a recommendation from a friend, Chantelle started seeing a Reiki practitioner to assist with stress, anxiety and to help her protect her energy.

Since that first session, Reiki has become a big part of her life. She began learning Reiki so she could practice self healing every day. But the more she learned, the more she felt called to share this wonderful gift with others.

As a practitioner now, Chantelle works with others particularly with stress and anxiety. She also has a strong passion for working with empaths and highly sensitive people. As an empath herself, Chantelle helps others to navigate their gifts as a superpower.

Chantelle is currently studying her Reiki Mastership program with Loretta from Nourished Energy.


Siobhon (Shonny) Davis

Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher, IIN Health Coach

Reiki Master, IIN Health Coach

Playful Soul Healing was created after receiving messages from my soul – to have more FUN and PLAY in my own life. If the pressure, seriousness and challenges in life are weighing you down, affecting your stress levels and health, come and relax in a beautiful warm loving environment where we hold space for you to heal so you too can have more energy, happiness and magical moments in life.

I feel blessed my wake up call came early in life as a result of a massive health scare whilst climbing the corporate ladder, 9 months after relocating to Melbourne from country life in New Zealand. Too scared to share my internal world with others, yet determined to rewrite my story, I decided to open my eyes to the beautiful world of holistic health and wellness.

This journey lead me to become a qualified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Reiki Master under the guidance of Loretta Carraro, Founder of Nourished Energy. As both a Health Coach and Reiki Master I allow space for my clients to be seen, heard and loved during our sessions.

There is something magical about rediscovering your intuition, regaining your self-love and your self-worth enabling you to take ownership of your life to create your best life.

My advice is to get curious about your fears, see obstacles as adventures to dive deeper into who you are, always remember that your body is taking and when in doubt turn to love so you can let your own light shine bright!

Carlton North

Sarah Ladlow

Reiki Practitioner, IIN Health Coach

Reiki Master, IIN Health Coach
I have always been interested in a healthy lifestyle and taking care of myself. But somewhere along the way, I managed to walk down a path of drug addiction, high stress and general unhealthy lifestyle habits.

It wasn’t until I separated from my husband that I really started to take self-care seriously. I started meditating and doing yoga regularly, which increased my health and happiness dramatically.

This then led me to discover the powerful healing benefits of Reiki & crystals. I instantly fell in love with both modalities. Together they brought a sense of joy, happiness and peace to my life. I felt alive again.

I am so blessed to have studied Level 1, 2 & 3a Reiki and Crystal Healing Practitioner courses with Loretta from Nourished Energy. My heart has been cracked wide open, in ways I could never have imagined. I have been on a deep healing journey. It’s a beautiful feeling & I wish to share this with as many people as I can.

I believe everyone deserves to feel amazing, healed and at peace.

I meditate, journal, do yoga and listen to spiritual podcasts regularly to ensure I am continually working on myself, so I can be of service to others. I also receive regular Reiki sessions to keep my energy system balanced and grounded.

I incorporate Reiki, crystal healing, card readings and health coaching into my sessions, to really create a unique and individual healing session for my clients.

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